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Afflictis Lentae ‎– From Nothing... To Nothing (CD)

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Afflictis Lentae ‎– From Nothing... To Nothing
Label: Infernal Kommando Records
Format: CD
Country: France
Released: 2009
Genre: Black Metal

Sainte Office
1 The Heretic Part 1
2 Sanctum Officium
3 Me Immundum Munda Tuo Sanguine
4 Traitors Of Mankind
5 Persecution
6 The Heretic Part 2
7 Nightcrawler (Judas Priest)

Intolerance Deathsquad
8 Exterminate And Dominate
9 Sadistic Messiah
10 A New Order
11 The Eliminator
12 Panzer Delirium

Austrasian Warfare
13 Reject The Devil
14 Obscene Resurrection Of Mental Infection