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Buckshot Facelift ‎– Ulcer Island (CD)

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Buckshot Facelift ‎– Ulcer Island
Label: Paragon Records
Format: CD
Country: US
Released: 2017
Genre: Death/Goregrind Metal

1 Ulcer Island
2 Czech Yourself
3 Afterbirth Puzzle 2016
4 Ascend To Descend
5 Burn The Baby Raper
6 OxyDocs
7 Sundress Skeletor
8 Comptroller Cult
9 What Does Fergus Dream Of?
10 Hell Eats Repetition (Goodbye)
11 Don't Hang From The Pipes
12 Weathered Mask Of Autumn (Unearthing The Armless)
13 Delusions Of A New Age
14 Dustification (End Times Version)
15 A Trophy Cup Intoxicant