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Gravewürm ‎– Dread Night / Ancient Darkness Arise (CD)

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Gravewürm ‎– Dread Night / Ancient Darkness Arise
Label: Funeral Empire Records
Format: CD
Country: US
Genre: Black Metal

Dread Night
1 The Hour Of Death
2 Dread Night Eclipse
3 Legion Black Flame
4 Tomb Of Doom
5 Under The Spell Of Nightfall
6 The Warlord
7 Visions From The Black Mirror
8 The Voice Of The Night
9 Nightside Wanderings
10 Lord Of Hell

Ancient Darkness Arise
11 Ancient Darkness Arise
12 Where All Evil Grows
13 Armies Of The Black Sun
14 Dreadful Vice
15 Lured To Demise
16 Fallen Star
17 Servants Of The Abyss
18 Darkness, Fire And War
19 Grim Troll
20 Leave Me In Darkness