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Horncrowned ‎– Casus Belli Antichristianus (CD)

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Horncrowned – Casus Belli Antichristianus
Label: Ketzer Records
Format: CD
Country: Germany
Released: 2009
Genre: Black Metal

1 Outbreak Of War (Twilight Of Fire)
2 Lucifer's Flamethrower Horde (Thy Demonical Squad)
3 Blackfire Stratocumulus (Pest Arrival)
4 Diabolical Indoctrination (Extermination Agility)
5 Point Zero (Concentrated Fire)
6 Anticlericalism (Absolute Evil Supremacy)
7 Casus Belli Antichristianus (Pursuit To The Weaks)
8 Defeated Christ (Hellish Forces Deployment)
9 Goat's Troops Conquers (Ad Infinitum)