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Metalbolical Vol. I (CD)

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Metalbolical Vol. I
Label: Metalbolic Records
Format: CD
Country: US
Released: 2007
Genre: Black/Death/Thrash Metal

1 Equinox – Night Of The Churchyard Watcher
2 Seeking Obscure– Battle Of The Undead
3 Waxen– I Claim Your Throne
4 Unburied– Domicile Of Flesh
5 Archaic Winter– Colors Of Despair
6 Toby Knapp– Polarizing Lines
7 Dyngyr– Scourge
8 Onward– Beyond The Strong
9 Serpent Son– False Hope For Survival
10 Fetid Zombie– Pleasures Of The Scalpel
11 Nepente– Red Suns
12 Unearthed Corpse– Stench Of Your Decayed Blood
13 Killing Addiction– Thresholds
14 Unit 100